Nothing is better than those first few weekends when you can get your boat out on the water. You’ve been looking at, and working on it all off-season, and now it’s all about to pay off.

Boating Safety

However, boating does have risks, and now is a good time to remember some common sense things that can keep everyone safe on the water.

Weather Watching – Keep an eye on the local forecast and remember that storms can develop quickly. If the skies darken, make your way back to shore.

Have Backup – If you became injured, is there anyway else on the boat that would know how to operate it?

Lifejackets – Just like seatbelts, always using lifejackets saves lives.

Leave the alcohol on shore – Alcohol is a leading cause of boating accidents and deaths. And it’s not just the skipper that should moderate, guests incur much more risk of falling overboard and getting injured when alcohol is involved.

Take a Boating Course – Even experienced skippers need a refresher from time to time.

Get a Vessel Check – The US Coast Guard offers free vessel safety checks.

Make sure your passengers can swim, and if they can’t make a lifejacket mandatory. Also make sure all passengers knwo what to do if they fall overboard.

Stay on Top of Maintenance – A major reason for being stranded on the water is neglected maintenance. Now is perfect time to use a checklist and make sure everything is ship-shape.

We hope you have an enjoyable and safe boating season, and welcome you to call us with any of your boating insurance needs.

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