School has started and football season has begun. Time to start thinking about those fall tasks around the home. Here are some tips from Cincinnati Insurance, of the many insurance companies we can offer you quote from. Contact Us.

Keeping up with the seasons: Time for fall tasks

We’re less than four weeks from the start of fall: time to start thinking about some annual tasks if you live in a part of the country with seasonal temperature changes. Our bloggers have you covered. Here are some posts from the past that can help you through the change of seasons.


Whether it’s a forced-air furnace at home or a boiler in your business, now is the time to get it inspected. Just as you need regular checkups for your body, your building’s “circulatory system” also needs periodic inspection. Have a qualified inspector look things over, just to be safe. Sometimes this is covered at no additional charge in a service agreement. Make sure your heating system is in shape when you are ready to fire it up in cold weather.

Prevent boiler catastrophe with periodic inspection


If you live in an area where you can’t swim all year, think about how you close your pool for the season. Make sure you get ready for the cooler weather by safely stowing items to prevent damage, and drain the water. Make sure you block access to the pool area to prevent accidents.

Close your pool safely for the season


If you operate a fitness business or other facility with a year-round pool – or are lucky enough to have an indoor residential pool – now is a good time to inspect ventilation and perform a safety check. Air quality is a top concern for buildings with indoor pools.

Is your indoor pool properly ventilated?


Even grown-ups have toys, and some of them (motorcycles, boats, convertibles or RVs) have price tags that are not child’s play. But in cooler areas, the change of seasons means an opportunity to save a little money. If you store your car, boat or motorcycle for the cold months, see if your insurance policy offers a credit. You’ll still want property coverage, but if you’re not using your toy, you might not need the liability coverage for the winter months and can save the associated expense.

Storing your car, boat or bike for the winter


Before it gets too cold or unpleasant to work outside, make one last run at your home maintenance “to-do” list. Gutters, pipes, storm windows, weatherstripping – it’s a lot easier to work on them now than to wait until it’s below freezing.

8 items for your autumn home project list

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