According to the Centers for Disease Control, every day more than 6 teenagers are killed in car crashes. The #1 reason for these crashes is simple: inexperience.

60% of the teens killed were drivers, 40% were passengers. Of those killed, two thirds were young men.

Despite the driver training courses required by Joshua’s Law, the 12 month and one day requirement of a valid permit and the parents certification of 40 hours of supervised training, that is still a very small amount of training for what amounts to launching a ton of metal down the road at speeds of 55+ miles per hour.

Even if your child learns, understands and intends to obey all state laws, that still leaves a lot of room for rules you as a parent will require of your young driver, and what the consequences might be for violating those rules.

We HIGHLY recommend you download the Parent Teen Driving Contract and go over it in depth with your teen. Once you both sign the agreement, its up to you to monitor their driving actions and to hold them accountable.


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